Stuart Landon

'I have had the pleasure of knowing Charlotte for just over 6 years and in that time I’ve been lucky enough to, not only co-write with her on a single which charted in the iTunes chart, but to work on other musical projects as well. Charlotte impressed me immensely with not only her amazing work ethic, and her understanding of a notoriously tough business, but her loyalty to the artists she represents. This led to us joining forces and her becoming the manager of my band Angels with dirty faces. She proves to us every day that she is extremely good at her job and an invaluable member of the Angels team.'


Ash Cooper

'The Ash Cooper Band worked with Charlotte for a while and were really impressed and humbled by the time and effort she puts into the band. 

​She is a fantastic sounding board for ideas and was proactive in arranging numerous interviews and public appearances to help create wider exposure for us. Our brand has developed ten-fold in the time Charlotte has been working with us and the connections we have made as a result of having her in our camp have been invaluable.

​She is a genuine and hard working person and the success of her brand so far is testament to this in itself and we would recommend anyone who is considering working with Charlotte to absolutely do it.'


Sarah Beth Keely (Canadian Country Artist)

'Charlotte is a true pro & such a pleasure to work with. It's not often you find a person so passionate and dedicated to her job and who goes the extra mile to support and assist those artists she TRULY believes in. I am proud of and appreciate this beautiful, hard working lady! ~ SBK'


David Miller (Radio presenter at Kentucky Jelly for Spire Radio)

'Charlotte Elizabeth is one of the hardest working people in the Music scene. Whether she is working for her clients or helping other artists to gain recognition, she puts 110% into what she is doing. But not just satisfied with the work, at which she is succeeding, Charlotte Elizabeth is constantly looking for more challenges, more opportunities to widen the scope of UK Country Music, and help artists trying to break into the genre.'


Matt Bishop (Honey Ryder Guitarist & Music Producer)

'I got to know Charlotte when she asked me to produce her ep, 'Survive'. Her creativity, resourcefulness and passion for music is amazing to witness and very infectious.

I've seen her work with a range of artists and her approach on every occasion has brought out the best in everyone.

​I was so impressed, I jumped at the chance to work with Charlotte on an ongoing basis and I'm looking forward to many collaborations in the future.'


Celine Ellis

'I worked with Charlotte on  the release and promotion for one of my singles. Charlotte was integral throughout, from coordinating the distribution to radio and pre order campaign as well as assisting with the social media posting. Charlotte provided advice, action and input in the areas I needed, adapting as the campaign progressed. This made it an incredibly smooth working relationship and very fruitful overall.'